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Cancer pain may develop as a symptom of your cancer or result from the treatments you’re undergoing to help your fight against it. For many, cancer pain can be debilitating and have as much of an impact on your quality of life as the cancer itself. Shawn Stranckmeyer, MD, and the medical experts at Green Leaf MD in Springfield, Missouri, are pain management specialists and medical marijuana certifying doctors who can determine if you would benefit from a more natural approach to the management of your cancer pain. To schedule a consultation, contact the office by phone or request an appointment online today.

Cancer Pain

What is cancer pain?

Cancer pain refers to the discomfort related to your cancer. Not everyone who has cancer develops cancer pain. The type of pain you experience may depend on the underlying cause. For some, the pain may only occur on occasion, while for others, the pain is chronic. 

Your cancer pain may affect many aspects of your life, including your ability to go to work or spend time with family and friends. You may also find that your pain affects not only your physical health but also your emotional and mental health.

What causes cancer pain?

Cancer pain can develop as a side effect of your cancer or from your cancer treatment. If your cancer is the cause of your pain, the degree of your discomfort may depend on the type of cancer you have, its location, and the stage of your cancer. The more advanced your cancer, the more likely you’ll experience pain.

The treatments you undergo for your cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, can also lead to pain. Symptoms may include headaches, muscle aches, or general overall discomfort. 

How is cancer pain treated?

Cancer pain isn’t a symptom you need to accept as an unfortunate side effect of your diagnosis. You have many pain management options to help you get relief from your discomfort. Traditional pain management options include:

  • Over-the-counter pain medication
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Prescription opioids
  • Pain pump

Some of these pain cancer treatments may lead to unpleasant side effects. The experienced pain management team at Green Leaf MD offers natural alternatives for the management of cancer pain. 

How can medical marijuana help my cancer pain?

Marijuana contains chemical compounds referred to as cannabinoids, including delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC, which is the compound in the marijuana plant that produces the euphoric effect, may relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and alleviate nausea. CBD doesn’t have the same euphoric effects as THC but may help lessen feelings of anxiety. 

The team at Green Leaf MD can determine if you would benefit from medical marijuana for the management of your cancer pain during a consultation and provide the necessary paperwork for the medical marijuana registry. 

To schedule an appointment with a compassionate team that focuses on finding methods that improve your quality of life, call Green Leaf MD, or use the online booking feature today.