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Operated by pain and addiction specialists, Green Leaf MD in Springfield, Missouri, is a medical marijuana certifying practice. The specialists take a holistic approach to medicine, focusing on their patient’s whole health, not their symptoms. To improve health and quality of life, the medical marijuana certifying doctors at Green Leaf MD offer natural and alternative therapies to manage many chronic, often debilitating health conditions.

Medical marijuana was legalized in the state of Missouri in 2018. In order to participate in the medical marijuana program, patients must first be added to the medical marijuana registry so they can obtain their medical marijuana registration card. Before patients can be placed on the registry, they must first be examined by a medical marijuana certifying physician. The experienced team at Green Leaf MD offers this service at their practice. 

The practice specializes in many of the qualifying conditions the state of Missouri allows for the use of medical marijuana, including cancer pain, chronic pain, hepatitis C, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), migraines, neuropathy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and seizure disorders.

Green Leaf MD provides care for men, women, and children, including patients as young as age four. For a consultation with the specialists, call the Green Leaf MD office, or select the online booking button today.

Get your medical marijuana card today!

Getting certified for your medical marijuana card is a very easy process.

Initial appointment for certification is $200

To prepare for your appointment, please obtain your medical records showing any previous treatment for your qualifying condition and bring a paper copy to your appointment. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

- MUST be a Missouri resident and have a valid Missouri ID

- MUST have medical records to see one of our physicians

- All of our doctors are licensed in the State of Missouri, Board Certified, and follow state guidelines for medicinal marijuana

How To Apply


State-licensed cannabis physicians are permitted to recommend marijuana to patients with the following conditions:

○ Cancer

○ Seizure Disorder (Epilepsy)

○ Glaucoma

○ Intractable Migraines, unresponsive to other treatment

○ Chronic Pain Syndrome (severe, persistent)

○ Chronic Muscle Spasms associated with:

   ● Multiple Sclerosis

   ● Seizure Disorder

   ● Parkinson’s Disorder

   ● Tourette’s Syndrome

○ Debilitating Psychiatric Disorder

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○ Sickle Cell Anemia

○ Terminal Illness

○ Hepatitis C

○ Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis

◌ Inflammatory Bowel Disease

◌ Huntington’s Disease

◌ Autism

◌ Neuropathies Cachexia and Wasting Syndrome

◌ Agitation of Alzheimer’s Disease




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